What is PolyFish?

PolyFish started as a replacement for WordPress. It has grown into a project of its own. It is security focused, performance driven, and clean user design. The content management platform is growing to be a complete platform for a blog, forums, and other web applications to meet the needs of a user.

We offer everything you need right here. This includes documentation, the source code, themes, plugins, support, and the community. PolyFish is a free and open source project, which means tens to thousands of people around the world are working on it. You are free to use it for anything from a simple blog to a Fortune 500 company website without paying fees or for a license.

About PolyFish.io

This website offers documentation, support, and important information regarding the PolyFish platform. To do this, you need a web hosting provider that meets the minimal requirements. PolyFish is completely customizable and can be used for anything you can imnagine. We also offer PolyFish as a Software as a Service. This option will allow you to get your website online within seconds. There is a few differences between the self-hosted vesion and the software as a service options.